Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Not difficult to see

We have often remarked that our politicians do what they do because they have lost their fear of us. Similarly, we seeing criminals doing what they do because they have also lost their fear... of the law.

When a recidivist may plough down Arbroath High Street smashing shop windows and ripping off wing mirrors and be told sternly that he must pay £5 a week from his benefits, while his legal aid solicitor tells the court how much progress he has made with his social worker... and then saunter out of court smirking, you just know the game is up.

The justice system has lost it. The plods can haul em in, but they will be out on Monday and up to the same old tricks. And since the Police lost control after bungling a riot, the criminal element have simply worked out that the police are on the back foot and they can't be everywhere at once. Is anyone surprised?

This is the culmination of welfarism, political correctness, minimum wage and an overly "liberal" justice system. And for all the whining we hear about damaged shops and businesses, well, this is what you get. You get the government, and thus the criminals and the police, you deserve. As we keep saying, if you take no interest in politics, it will take an interest in you.