Friday, April 01, 2011

We need a new approach

The formidable stupidity of Baroness Neville-Jones is quite wondrous to behold as she tells the Daily Telegraph that the government needs to persuade the majority of the population that the UK is a single nation. She says there needs to be a new approach in which people did not simply "rub along together and as long as people obey the law that's quite sufficient".

"[We are] trying to convince minorities in this country that they actually do have a long term future here and that it's their country as much as anybody else's", she says in an interview.

But when Euroslime Dave and his Cleggerons are doing their level best to give this country away, when "nationalism" is a dirty word in their vocabulary, and when white heterosexuals are a minority in parts of their own country (and certainly in parliament), we certainly do need a new approach.

We need one in which people did not simply listen to idiot ministers, and make it clear to them that they do not have a long-term future here – or anywhere else on this planet.