Friday, April 01, 2011

Denial of climate change is irresponsible and dangerous

"The science does matter," says Caroline Selle, who works for the Energy Action Coalition in the United States.

"We face a climate catastrophe that will define our generation and the future of our country, and the solutions to this crisis will create jobs and improve public health. So why aren't we acting? Unfortunately, the answer is simple: Capitol Hill is swarming with 'climate cranks' - politicians willing to trade our future for their own political gain."

We need such dedicated people – people who think of the children and the generations to come, instead of their own narrow interests. Thank goodness, on this side of the Atlantic, we have here the European Union, the embodiment of "mother Europe" looking after her children.

Only through such bold leadership as the Community does provide will we be able to survive this catastrophe. The climate deniers know not what they do, but at least we have the EU which can transcend the interests of small-minded politicians and keep us on the right track. Who needs democracy when we have the EU Commission?

As Selle says: "Our future is at stake, and our position is non-negotiable. We need strong climate legislation based on the facts, not the politics, and we need it soon. And we are willing to stand together again and again until our message gets through".

We are so lucky that we have the EU to do this for us. The Americans could learn from our experience. Join our family and the world is your cuddly polar bear.