Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Now you see him ...

Here we have 13th Century Fox in August 2007: "Gordon Brown showed no interest in the Armed Forces in his time as chancellor ... As chancellor, Gordon Brown never gave defence much priority and now the skies are black with chickens coming home to roost."

Then, in December 2008 we got another Fox, followed in 12 July 2009 by the real Fox accusing Brown of "dereliction of duty". In October 2009, it was Desperate Dannatt, put up to it by little Liam of course. Then there is that speech in February 2010 - by Liam: "The consequence of Gordon Brown's actions has been a twelve-year increasing imbalance between resources and requirements with only the will, ability and loyalty of our Armed Forces and their families, making up the difference".

And now, what do we get from the egregious Liam Fox? Er ... a defence of compulsory redundancy in the Armed Forces. That's the closest he's been to defence since he got appointed.