Friday, March 04, 2011

Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story

On a day when The Independent is prattling about "savage budget cuts", I make no apologies for putting this up from November last ... nothing has changed since, apart from the fact that things have got worse. Yet, in fantasy isle, our politicians still think it is getting better. This is the stuff of revolution ... the debt keeps going up, while the sharp-end services deteriorate ... and the climate change co-ordinators continue to prosper.

When the film was made, national debt was £4.8 trillion ... the cuts are cuts in projected increases ... we are adding to the total indebtedness of the country ... the government is borrowing from people who have not even been born yet ... the only way they get away with it is because the unborn don't have votes. This is insanity - WATCH THE FILM FROM HERE.

Watch and weep, if you haven't already done so ... it's just over an hour ... but worth the investment.