Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The same old stench

This is the sort of day when there are lots of things to write about, but mostly ongoing stories rather than brand new issues. One of those is the David Laws story, which we have already visited several times.

There cannot, you might think, be much more to say on the subject, except that Heffer in The Daily Telegraph op-ed finds a great deal to say – mostly about what the affair tells us of the "new politics" espoused by the Cleggerons.

As always, there is no point in reinventing the wheel – let Heffer's words speak for themselves. But one has to say on this that he is right. The Law affair tells us a great deal, not least about the "us and them" divide which now separates us from the political classes.

The response of "them" has been highly instructive – they have rushed to defend one of their own, and in so doing have illustrated with absolutely clarity how different mores apply to those who are "above the line". Thus, we find, with absolutely no surprise, that new politics or not, we have the same old stench.