Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sooooo yesterday

"In normal times, a resurgent Conservative Party, the party of sceptical common sense, of fiscal prudence, would be assuring itself of a 300-seat majority in May by kicking to death Labour's discredited climate nonsense. Instead, Dave is doggedly pursuing his kamikaze course on Green policies. He and his cronies may be the last people in Britain to believe in AGW.

But that is consistent with the whole Cameron phenomenon, which is a slavish recreation of the Blairism of 13 years ago. Cameron's 'modernisation' amounts to a cunning plan to win the 1997 general election. Unhappily, this is 2010 and Dave is on course to make Conservatism history – alongside the superstition of man-made global warming."

Gerald Warner on his blog. What more can you say ... the Conservative party has been taken over by idiots. Heffer gets close, mind you: "I cannot bear to rehearse once more the inadequacies of the shadow chancellor, Mr Osborne ...". Quite!