Monday, February 01, 2010

The invisible India

This is the side of India they don't want to talk about. While Pachuari lives it up in Delhi, with his luxury home and chauffeur-driven cars, weeping crocodile tears about "poverty", this is the reality for millions of Indians.

We get a brief glimpse from the BBC, but without the broader context or any clue of the scale of the problem – some of which we touched on here and here.

The real evil of the global warming scam is here. While the Western nations and the rich industrialists and politicians in the developing world – with the active assistance of the NGOs – conspire together make "carbon", i.e., carbon dioxide, the poster child, enriching themselves in the process to the tune of hundreds of billions, real pollution, real poverty and real deprivation are ignored.

Unless you put a "climate change" tag on it, you won't get any money. On the other hand, if you hype up the scare, the funds come pouring in, as Pachauri has found to his great benefit. For the evil they do, such men should be shamed. Instead, the "great and the good" heap honours on them, and then work out how they too can enrich themselves.

And the stupid greenies fall for the scam, living off grants from their rich sponsors, chasing after miasma and missing the point entirely. For their stupidity, they too should be condemned.