Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A romp in the MSM

Picking up on the supposi-Tories discomfort, the climate-change fraud and diverse other matters to do with "Climategate", The Daily Mail is running a long round-up piece. There is nothing new to anyone who has been following the issue closely on the blogs, but this is another sign of how the sceptic agenda is taking hold in the MSM.

Not so in The Daily Scarygraph of course, which is still running full-bore on the warmist creed, giving the delightful Louise Gray a full page feature on how we're all gonna die ... or something like that. Most of the 28 comments are slightly uncomplimentary.

That fool Will Heaven is still on the case though – although one of his commenters notes, unkindly but accurately, that the only way little Willie can get a decent amount of comments on his blogs is when he disses James (Dellingpole).

Booker's column is running at 1246 comments at the moment, which must please little Louise and Willie mightily, and they will be especially pleased that Charles Moore is reviewing his mate's book under the title "'Saving' the planet will be the real disaster".

I'm not sure this is what the warmists had in mind for their slugfest in Copenhagen though.