Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Polyfilla at the ready

The Times is doing the collapse of the Australian carbon emissions trading scheme Bill big time.

The government's Bill was voted down 41 to 33 this morning at the end of a marathon debate, a defeat the paper says became inevitable "when the main opposition party dumped its leader and replaced him with a climate change sceptic."

This is Tony Abbott. Described as "a right-wing maverick", he has scuppered Kevin Rudd, the current prime minister, who "had been eager to be seen as a world heavyweight in tackling global warming and wanted the legislation in place before the UN summit on climate change in Copenhagen next week."

There is a similar revolt brewing in the United States, which means a lot of climate alarmists and grandstanders are going to go to Copenhagen empty-handed.

With the cracks showing in the supposi-Tory party, ToryBoyBlog and Iain Dale are ladling in the Polyfilla in an attempt to shore up the crumbling edifice. It is going to take more than two tubs to fill this lot though.

As for the UK dumping its version of the emission trading scheme, which was at the heart of the Aussie Bill, well – ours is dictated by the EU, which means we are lumbered with it unless Dave grows some, or is otherwise ousted.

It would be hugely ironic if greenery, chosen by the Boy as a symbol of the renaissance of the Tories, should prove to be its downfall. It will be fun watching.