Tuesday, December 01, 2009

More work needed

In the run-up to the Copenhagen conference the Science Museum, under the logo "PROVE IT!", invited visitors and web users to respond to the following statement with 'count me in' or 'count me out': "I've seen the evidence. And I want the government to prove they're serious about climate change by negotiating a strong, effective, fair deal at Copenhagen."

In the PROVE IT! gallery, 3408 people chose to count in and 626 chose to count out. On the website, 2650 users counted in and 7612 counted out. That makes 6,058 who went for the crap, as against 8,238 who didn't.

That had Prof Chris Rapley, director of the museum - and Professor of Climate Science at UCL – weeping in his cups, telling the media:

More work needs to be done to convince people of the reality of human-induced climate change and of the urgency with which we must agree an international solution. Public organisations, like the Science Museum, have a responsibility to lay out the evidence and open up public discussion.
These warmists have a great deal in common with the supposi-Tories and the EU. If you don't buy their message, never once does it occur to them that they might be wrong. The response to an outright rejection is simply calls to intensify the same message. "They don't understand – we must shout louder", seems to be their thinking.