Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The trouble with bloggers ....

... is that they parasites on the MSM. How often have we heard that from all those hard-working, over-pressurized journalists? While there are problems with the British blogosphere in that it does have a cap-doffing tendency, we feel that there might be two sides to that comment.

Yesterday my attention was called to an article in the International Herald Tribune about the new head of the Hungarian secret services having been trained in Moscow. Hmm, I thought, that sounds familiar. Of course, it does. I wrote about it on November 21. Well, all right, Judy Dempsey has added the odd detail or two and a few quotations. I am glad that the pressure she is under has allowed her to interview various people.

On balance, I am not that worried about the rise of Colonel Sándor Laborc. Given his background, he is much more likely to be pro-Western and pro-American than those people in Langley.

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