Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Letter from Limburg

In the early evening hours of Friday 29th January, a 16-year old girl from the German town border town of Gronau was out walking her dog when she was struck by a car driven by a 52-year old Dutchman from the nearby Dutch city of Enschede. Apparently, she and the dog were carried some 50 meters on the bonnet of the car before falling off and being run over by another car travelling in the other direction. She died in hospital about an hour later.

A breath test and later blood test resulted in the man being charged with culpable homicide. Of course, the German authorities immediately confiscated the man's driving license ... but Dutch authorities have admitted that under EU law, the man is not banned from driving in any other EU country. The most they can charge him for in the Netherlands is not carrying his driving license.

Is this really what EU cooperation is all about?

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