Thursday, October 04, 2007

They will comply, it seems

The Al-Dura case proceeds apace, even if the pace set is that of an arthritic snail. As we reported before, the Israeli government has, finally, issued an official statement that denies the killing of the lad.

Nidra Poller writes that
Presiding magistrate Laurence Trébucq officially confirmed the court order anticipated during the September 19th Appellate Court hearing of Philippe Karsenty’s appeal against his October 2006 conviction for defamation against France 2 and Charles Enderlin. The Court has ordered France 2 to turn over, before October 31st, the unedited raw footage filmed by France 2 cameraman Talal Abu Rahma on September 30th and October 1st 2000.

Maître Bénédicte Amblard, representing France 2, confirmed that her client will comply with the order. The 27-minute video will be projected in the (open) courtroom on November 14th. The case will be heard in full on the 27th of February 2008.
It seems that the French MSM, who rejoiced mightily when it looked like France2 were winning, has been keeping silent on the subject, while Charles Enderlin, the reporter in question has been writing joyfully on his blog that the idea to show the footage is entirely his own.
Except for Charles Enderlin who dances with joy on his France 2 blog. Announcing the decision to project the footage as if it were his own ultra bright idea, he justifies the refusal over the past seven years to expose it to public or even semi-private scrutiny as a sign of exquisite legality. Only the Court has eyes pure enough to contemplate the handiwork of camerman Talal Abu Rahma.
Ms Poller also explains why the appeal court's decision will be, in theory, based on convoluted legality but, let's face it, once that footage is shown, we shall be able to understand a great deal about this "iconic" image.

Augean Stables has a good deal of information as ever and many links. In particular, it quotes extensively and analyzes an interview with Jamal Al-Dura, the lad's father, whose rather garbled comments are interesting to read as are Richard Landes's about the man who is, most probably, being used for propaganda purposes.


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