Thursday, August 09, 2007

Put out all the flags

All is well. The battle is as good as won. Stephen Glover that great member of the dead tree media has noticed and actually written an article about the fact that Lord Malloch-Brown might not be quite the sort of chap we want in the government and it has only taken him several weeks and one story that is ten months old. So, hip-hurrah, put out all the flags and celebrate.

The article is not bad, though a bit silly, particularly in his ever so clever-clever jests about the British constitution. (Anyone would think that every other country directly elected its Prime Ministers and had no appointed Ministers, all of which is perfectly acceptable, since it is the party that gets the mandate in Britain. Duh!)

Mr Glover also finds it hard to believe that anyone could possibly have heard of Mark Malloch Brown now Lord Malloch-Brown. Well, anyone who followed the painful saga of the oil-for-food scam knows who the man is but not many British journalists did until the name of George Galloway came up.

Anyone who pays the slightest attention to the UNDP and its shenanigans in North Korea would have come across the name but that is of little interest to British journalists who prefer to write laborious articles about Big Brother and its significance.

In fact, Mr Glover prefers not to mention any of the above and casually refers to Malloch-Brown's anti-Americanism, which is completely out of order for a UN official though Mr Glover vaguely agrees with it. Nor does he mention Lord Malloch-Brown's close links with George Soros, another subject that might have been of some interest to a British hack.

What is exercising Mr Glover is, of course, the statement made by the then Sir Mark Malloch Brown about Britain eventually surrendering her seat on the UN Security Council to an EU representative.

This, apparently, indicates that the man is really a Europhile and belies Gordon Brown's reputation as a closet eurosceptic. I love it when journalists believe their own hype to the extent of being stunned when it is disproved.

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