Thursday, August 02, 2007

Not altogether surprising

News outlets and blogs that pay attention to the Middle East are buzzing with the story published in the Jerusalem Post two days ago.

An unnamed Hezbollah officer has gone on Israeli Channel 10 TV and said several things that we, on this blog, have affirmed in the past, particularly last year during and after the Israeli war against Hezbollah.

In the first place, he stated that Hezbollah would have surrendered within the next 10 days if the Israelis had not agreed to the peace drive insisted on by the "international community". Secondly, he pointed out that Israeli responses to katyusha attacks were bewilderingly fast and accurate. Thirdly, he explained that this speed and accuracy could be used against Israel in the other war - that or propaganda - when the rockets were fired from among the civilian population.

None of this is particularly surprising but confirms what this blog has said about the Middle East, the Gulf and Afghanistan, as well as matters nearer home: it is not enough to have the upper hand in military terms if you lose the propaganda war and have that wonderful tranzi weapon, "international public opinion" against you.

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