Friday, August 03, 2007

Harvest time

The picture is of a combine harvester in Buckinghamshire, published today by Farmers’ Weekly.

The combine belongs to a local contractor who had been called in to help get the crop of oilseed rape cut before it rained again, whence it got well and truly stuck.

A team of five tractors and nine men worked for eight hours each to try to pull the combine out, but to make matters worse, four of the tractors also got stuck. Fortunately the fifth tractor managed to pull the others out when a 40ft chain was brought in and connected to all.

They might have been better off calling the RAF - witness this remarkable photograph (also courtesty of FW) of an RAF Chinook lifting a pea viner out of the mire. But wouldn't it have been better off in Afghanistan (the Chinook, this is), supporting our troops there?

Don't ask - think Photoshop!

(More pics, incidentally, on the FW site.)


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