Monday, July 02, 2007

You looking at us?

Tim Montgomerie, whom I rather admire for his tireless work to reinstate real conservative ideas in the Party Formerly Known as Conservative, summed up last week's media on his blog yesterday.

Good weeks were had by Gordon Brown, the Conservative by-election machine and Conservative Home. Bad weeks were had by the BBC for its extraordinary decision to interrupt Blair's historically important farewell speech to Parliament in order to go back to Wimbledon and to trail one of its later programmes, by democracy (isn't that every week these days) and blogs:
Something of a bad week for blogging. Some blogs were more guilty than others but there was lots of speculation about Bercow, Rifkind, Patten and others following Quentin Davies. It wasn't blogging's finest hour.
You looking at us, mister? At no time did this blog even mention any of those people or, indeed, thought about them. In fact, when I read that comment this morning I remembered that I had forgotten the predictions that another sinking ship jumping rat idealistic Conservative MP crossing over to Labour had been predicted.

Well, who cares? More to the point, why is the conservative blogosphere remains obsessed with little issues like that? And why does the editor of ToryDiary think that those are the only blogs that exist?

Coincidentally, I am going to be on Blogger TV on 18 Doughty Street this evening and was asked, as usual, to have a look at a whole slew of British blogs and find three stories of interest to talk about. And, as usual, I have to own up to reading American blogs far more because they have wider ranging and more interesting stories and discussions. I shall try to get that point across.

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