Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Confederate Yankee v Associated Press

Just about every blog that has ever looked at misreporting by the MSM has run into trouble with Associated Press (AP). It is, of course, a kind of a co-operative of journalists and exists for the journalists who no longer feel the need apparently to try to substantiate their stories or report in a more or less balanced fashion.

Au contraire, the aim is to turn Iraq into another Vietnam as far as the journos are concerned - those glory, glory days when they brought down presidents and undermined western morale. Of course, they also condemned millions of people to a hell on earth but that is something the media has never bothered to come to terms with.

We have already mentioned Confederated Yankee's recent scoop as far as a certain unsubstantiated AP massacre report is concerned. The saga continues with an exchange of letters and a clear refusal on AP's part to report Michael Yon's well documented stories even when their own people happen to be nearby.

Could there be a reason for this pickiness? Just asking.


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