Friday, March 09, 2007

A tale of two worlds

The big event of the European Council being held in Brussels over yesterday and today was supposed to be an agreement on the so-called Berlin declaration, to form the centrepiece of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Treaty of Rome.

At the heart of that declaration, inspired by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, was supposed to be a "roadmap" for the ratification of the EU Constitution, albeit in its "lite" form, redrafted so as to exclude all the bits that the "colleagues" have convinced themselves have created the opposition.

However, the session yesterday failed to reach an agreement on the critical last paragraph which would have included a commitment to progressing the Merkel initiative. There is little chance now of agreement being reached today, or later - with a deadline of 25 Match. This seems to leave the latest attempt to expand the scope of the project high and dry.

According to the IHT the Poles were leading the rebellion but our sources tell us that the UK was in the wings quietly doing its best to sabotage the German moves.

That has left the European Council attempting to salvage something from the beanfest, which is now so large that, as former Europe minister Dennis MacShane put it, you need binoculars to see the speakers on the other side of the room. From the illustration of the negotiating chamber, you can see exactly what he means.

Anyhow, that "something" is an agreement on a binding target for renewable energy, all in the name of reducing climate change.

It is highly appropriate, therefore, that, while the colleagues were dining, back here in the UK, Channel 4 Television was showing a documentary entitled "The Great Global Warming Swindle" which was the most effective popular debunking of the Global Warming Scam I have ever seen.

What came over with crystal clarity from the programme was the fragility of the science supporting the global warming thesis, and the strength of the science supporting the arguments that the primary driver of climate change was the sun.

It can thus come as no surprise that the EU, built on a foundation of deception and fraud, should buy into this scam, seeing in it a means of pursuing its interventionalist agenda at a time when its mantra on "keeping the peace in Europe" has little relevance to the upcoming generation. In an attempt to keep the interest going, the EU has sought to harness the ill-founded concern over climate change, engaging in the "battle to save the planet".

What is especially of interest is that, in choosing this battle, the EU has effectively opted out of the real battle, the global war against terrorism which, from all accounts, has reached new heights of ferocity in Afghanistan. Not only are we seeing a major battle for control of the Kajaki dam region but, some 40 miles away at Sangin, there has been also fighting on a large scale – where four British soldiers have now been killed in the last week.

Quite how intensive it has been is illustrated by the airpower summary for 7 March, which shows the scale of air operations in support of ground forces.

And there we have the tale of two worlds – the one of the fantasy world of battling to save the planet from climate change, and the other, real world battle to counter the global threat from terrorism.

Not only has the EU bought into the former but so has our government and – stupidly – the Boy King. Cameron had that unique opportunity to create clear blue water between the Conservatives and New Labour but, instead, has fallen for the myth.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, we see a report that two Canadian convoys came under attack in Kandahar province yesterday. Initial details, the Victoria Times reports, are sketchy but no Canadians were hurt.

"There were two separate attacks on two separate Canadian convoys," said military spokesman Maj. Dale MacEachern. "One was a suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive device and the second was an improvised explosive device. I can confirm for you that there were no Canadian casualties."

And the picture shows why. While the British MoD still has not got its act together on force protection, the Canadians are saving lives with their RG-31s. If only the Boy could show more enthusiasm for saving British lives and dump his fantasy of saving the planet from global warming, we would have some hope for a better, safer world – and the Conservatives might stand a chance of winning the next election.

As it is, in the great war of the worlds, he is on the wrong side. What an utter fool that man is.


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