Friday, March 02, 2007

Self deception

According to the BBC website (and news bulletins) an "indirect attack" – i.e., mortar or missile fire - caused a large fire at a British military base in Basra.

This was a petrol storage area at the Shatt al-Arab Hotel base and the strike occurred at 1800 local time (1500 GMT) on Thursday. However, there were no casualties and "no impact whatsoever on operations", a spokesman said.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the MoD in London said "Commanders at the base decided, because no-one was at direct risk at the time, that they would let the fire burn out". Some petrol and diesel stores were lost, but there was no structural damage to buildings, he added.

So… "no impact whatsoever on operations". And who are they kidding, apart from themselves?


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