Thursday, March 01, 2007

Israel's temporary Arab president

Here is the reason why we support Israel: it is a democracy and it is most emphatically not an apartheid state. Anyone who says that (and yes, I do mean former President Carter, possibly the worst twentieth century president the United States had) knows nothing either about Israel or about apartheid.

Arab Kadima Knesset member Majallie Whbee
will serve as ceremonial President until next Tuesday, while acting president Dalia Itzik is in America. Itzik took over the position from Moshe Katsav after he temporarily suspended himself following the Attorney General’s announcement that he may be indicted on multiple charges including rape.
In an interview Majallie Whbee showed himself to be proud of the position he has reached and of his country, Israel, though, sensibly, he pointed out that there were many political problems in the country at the moment.

He served in the parachute division of the IDF and rose to the rank of colonel (not a sissy, then). He has plans for his week as president:
Although he will only hold the position for a week, he said he wanted to use the opportunity to try and make some inroads in the peace process, and had already organised meetings with the Jordanian and Egyptian Ambassadors to Israel.

"I believe I can increase the confidence of the relations between the two sides," said Whbee, who first entered politics in 1995 as an assistant to then Minister of Infrastructure Ariel Sharon. "I can talk to these representatives more openly and put my points on the table."

As a Kadima MK Whbee espouses the views of the government and said he was planning to tell the Jordanian and Egyptian ambassadors that he believed there "will be no hope for the peace process" unless Hamas recognises the State of Israel.
I wonder what the ambassadors will say in response.


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