Monday, March 05, 2007

I know this is a far-off country but still ....

The result of this weekend's Estonian election is of no real interest with the new government probably consisting of the incumbent coalition. In fact, AP's reports all seem to be full of padding, though whether informing the world endlessly that
the country grapples with some of the EU's worst health statistics, including high rates of alcoholism, HIV infections and traffic-related deaths
without any proof makes Estonians particularly happy is open to question.

A more interesting aspect of the AP report is their phraseology:
Estonia's two major coalition parties were poised to stay in power Sunday after grabbing about half of the votes in the country's first parliamentary election since joining the European Union, according to partial official results.
Grabbing? Is there any evidence of fraud or use of force? And if there is no evidence, on what basis does AP describe the results as votes being grabbed?


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