Sunday, September 03, 2006

Which bit of useless?

It was on 12 September last year that my colleague wrote a somewhat less than laudatory analysis of UN SecGen, Kofi Annan.

Not quite a year later, we read this, published yesterday. And then, today, we read this.

The one is a Telegraph leader on the failure of the UN in Darfur, where this venerable organisation has been sidelined. The other is a stonking analysis in The Business, of the Iranian situation. There, guess what, the UN has been sidelined.

The final chapter on Lebanon, of course, has yet to be written but if the present UN force is supposed to be "UNIFIL on steroids", then the dose administered must be below detectable threshold.

All one can say of Mr Annan is, which bit of "useless" don't you understand?


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