Thursday, January 05, 2006

Credit where it is due

We – and I say this not in the "royal" sense, but reflecting the shared opinion of myself and my colleague – do not, as a rule, like "corporate" blogs – typified by the thoroughly dishonest ego-trip hosted by Nick Robinson over at the BBC – who has still to post any of our comments.

The immediate instinct is to be equally dismissive of the Daily Telegraph’s attempt at blogging, which stems from the same corporate wellspring. It could be seen as an attempt to hijack a new medium which is challenging the hegemony of the MSM, hoping to steer people away from the more anarchic, privately funded sites.

That said, we have looked again at the blog hosted by David Rennie – the Telegraph's Brussels correspondent – and have to say, through gritted teeth, that it shows promise.

Rennie has written an interesting piece, updating the Barroso story, and in another posting offered an insight on the EPP saga. Not only that, he appears prepared to publish comments – which Nick "beebie" Robinson is clearly afraid to do, albeit that they are moderated Margot-style.

If he can bring himself – or is allowed – to put up external links, to respond to comments and show a hit counter, then there is some chance that this blog could become a valuable addition to the blogosphere. We will add it to our sidebar links.


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