Thursday, June 02, 2005

The People's Campaign

Not wishing to rest on its laurels (well, a semi-launch in Westminster) the People’s No Campaign is organizing a people’s demo in College Green this morning at 11 am.

Its purpose is to tell Mr Blair, the Prime Minister of this country and messenger boy of Commission President Barroso, that he must not even think of giving up on the idea of holding a referendum. The people of the United Kingdom must have their chance of kicking the project.

No discrimination, please. Why should the French and the Dutch have all the fun?

And there will be a show as well:

"Picture Opportunity:
Unveiling of "Don't You Dare...Mr. Blair" at College Green, Westminster, London. Thursday 2nd June 11am.

This high-profile visual image will shadow the Palace of Westmister and Downing Street Thursday and Friday and Monday when Jack Straw makes his statement to the House."

So what can I say but to quote that old-old text: Be there or be square.

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