Monday, May 09, 2005

Two weeks and no posting

It seems that the fragrant Commissar may be suffering from midnight sun madness. How else can one explain her behaviour?

She is supposed to be trying to persuade the people of Europe of the immense benefit the Constitution for Europe will bring to them. To this end, I believe, she started her ill-fated blog, which she now updates about once a fortnight if then. What on earth does she think is the point of that?

We have reached the point when the discussion on the comments section concerns everything and everyone rather than the fragrant Margot herself. She remains severely absent from it.

As we know, she has decided to make her views known by explaining to all and sundry that if we do not sign up to the Constitution, there will be another Holocaust. I presume she will explain that she was quoted out of context but bearing in mind the silliness of her other pronouncements and that the midnight sun is nearly upon us, I would not put anything past her.

But what is happening to the next posting? Margot, why are we waiting? You haven’t abandoned us, have you?

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