Thursday, May 12, 2005


Both the Wallström and the Barroso stories are seeping into the MSM, Barroso even making the BBC 6 o’clock news.

As for the none-to-fragrant Commissar for Truth and Reconciliation, the august Financial Times has now picked up the Terezin story, with a headline, "Commissioner under fire over 'Nazi' speech" – this after "it emerged she had changed the version published on the internet to remove the controversial passage."

We are now told by her spokesman that the passage in which she asserted that scrapping the idea of a supranational Europe could put the continent back on the road to a holocaust, in the original version of the speech - which given to journalists ahead of Wallström's visit - was removed because Ms Wallström did not have enough time to deliver the full text.

Thus, from that account, the distinctly pongy Margot did intend to say what was in the text given to journalists but did not have time, leaving them (including David Rennie of the Telegraph) to publicise the original which she had in no way retracted and from which she had not even distanced herself.

This seems a million miles away from the claim she made in the EU parliament, when questioned by Jim Allister, where she described an account based on her original script as "lies".

"I never said such a thing, but it does not help if they have written it. They have lied; they have made things up. I just feel sorry for you because you have been misled by pure lies in the British media. I just want everybody here to know that this is a pure lie," she screeched.

"They have made up some kind of title or headline in the newspapers that is totally wrong. A lot of people were there, so you will know exactly what I said."

All right, she might not have actually said it – but she meant it, and there was no way the media "made it up". This little commissar is telling porkies of her own.

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