Wednesday, May 11, 2005

None of its business

Trust The Guardian - and, of course the BBC and the rest of the pack – to get excited about the vote in the EU parliament yesterday, supporting the motion to back the McCartney sisters' fight for justice over the murder of their brother, Robert.

A resolution called for the unprecedented use of EU anti-terrorism funds to finance a civil legal action if Northern Ireland police failed to bring a criminal prosecution.

Interestingly, the speeches on the motion were delivered yesterday, which ensured a packed press gallery and plenty of television cameras around. And just before the debate, Nigel Farage made his bid to call Barroso to submit to oral questioning on the Latsis affair . But, although this was witnessed by the assembled media – waiting for the main event – not a single newspaper of broadcast channel reported it.

That sort of typifies the media, but it also shows up the pretend parliament for what it really is. Given the opportunity to do its job – holding the commission to account – it ducked its responsibility and instead devoted its time to an issue which – however worthy – was none of its business.

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