Saturday, May 07, 2005

Missed one

Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader, we have to add Crawley to the list. Labour’s incumbent Laura Moffatt held the seat with a majority of 37 against a UKIP vote of 935. Together with Harlow, this brings the notional number of "scalps" gained by the UKIP/Veritas axis to 27 seats.

Potentially, Zanu New Labour gained an extra 18 as a result of this activity. And, finally getting the maths right (try staying up for over 40 hours and see how you perform) it means its overall majority could have been reduced to a round 30 instead of the current 66.

It remains arguable as to whether all the "anti" votes would have gone to the Tories but there can be no argument that some of them would. UKIP/Veritas had an absurdly disproportionate effect on the election. This has to be the political "own goal" of the century.

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