Tuesday, May 03, 2005

He's got it!

Christopher Fildes in the business section of The Daily Telegraph today writes about the "nullists", people who decide not to bother voting.

One of the "strongest cards" of these nullists, he asserts, "may turn out to be Europe". So much of our law is now made in Brussels and all that remains for the Westminster Parliament is to defer to it and to permit Whitehall to enforce it with misplaced enthusiasm. Non-voters in this election complain, with some justice, that choosing domestic politicians makes not the slightest difference.

Fildes then continues: "A super-government over the water, with a self-imposed duty to draw more power to itself and to intervene everywhere, must be contrary to Nullist instincts...".

And there he has it – not a "super-state" but a "super-government". That is where so many of the Eurosceptics go wrong. Brussels has no ambitions to become a super-state. It is and always intended to be a super-government, leaving the trappings of the member states in place but ruling over them.

At least now, one more journalist has "got it". It would be nice to think that others would follow.

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