Friday, May 13, 2005

Dear Diary

The fluffy bunny Margot is back. Gone is the termagant that screamed at the DUP MEP, James Allister who had the temerity to question her on her unfortunate speech in Terezin. She is back in fluffy mode, chattering away about Swedish people wearing warm clothes, visiting her mother, sharing a joke with her brother – all to prove how wonderfully human the not-so-fragrant Commissar really is.

Why did she not blog for over a fortnight? Well, heck, she was travelling and, honey, you know what that’s like: not a moment to oneself, no way of communicating, just one dam’ thing after another. Clearly, the lady has not heard of laptops, blackberries or mobile telephones, all of which she can have at the taxpayers’ expense.

Her gifted and multi-talented staff can, presumably, teach her to use some or all of these electronic devices, though they seem to have failed in ensuring that she does not put her foot in every time she opens her mouth.

So where did the dear thing travel? Well, she went to Paris where she made her first ever speech in French and looked scared. With a rather poor attempt at humour she adds:

“(Yes, you can make a good joke about that, my UK-anti-EU-friends!)”

Aaaah! Bless!! Isn’t she cute? As if we needed to make jokes about her French when we have her to laugh at.

With great pleasure she tells us that

“The kind of exaggerations and misrepresentations of the Constitution presented by for example Jean-Marie le Pen has moved people to the Yes-side and they feel much more confident now.”

Well, maybe, though the proof of the pudding remains in the eating. Will the Swedish electorate be able to vote on the basis of certain exaggerations and misrepresentations the fragrant one “presented” in the Czech Republic? Not if she and her colleagues have anything to do with it.

Then she went to Budapest, where she jogged by the Danube. From personal knowledge I can confirm that it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world but you do not see anything if you jog. Try walking, Margot, looking and listening. Then you might work out that the Hungarian joke about the breakfast being “half a pig and some vodka” could not have been entirely accurate. It is pálinka they drink in Hungary but, hey, they are only East Europeans. How could she tell the difference?

Then on to the Czech Republic. And we come to her self-pitying account of what happened:

“I gave a short speech outside the social centre in Terezin. Some newspapers totally misrepresented what I said. There was not one word about the Constitution in the speech! I spoke about the meaning of Terezin for Europeans,how it can influence our thinking about Europe. And certainly such a link Constitution – Holocaust, deviously constructed by one newspaper, I find totally disrespectful to those survivors who were present to attempt to make this connection.

I think it is incredible that a mark of respect for the past and the suffering of the 35, 000 people who died in Terezin should be used in this way. My message was to outline the reality of the history of the European Union and the importance to ensure this never happens again. I stand by every one of my comments in Terezin. I felt also touched by the support I received from members of the Swedish Jewish community.”

Well, dear Commissar, I do think that when you are in a hole, you should stop digging. The link she gives after those paragraphs is, naturally, to the second version of the speech, which she delivered because time was short. As our readers know, the difference between the two is one sentence.

Her knowledge of the “reality and history” of the European Union and, indeed, of Europe, as many have noted, is lacking in essential facts and information and the “support” from members of the Swedish Jewish community, as we know from Dr Gennsler, has not been unqualified.

The most appalling sentence of that whinge is undoubtedly

“I think it is incredible that a mark of respect for the past and the suffering of the 35, 000 people who died in Terezin should be used in this way.”

Yes, indeed, we think it incredible, too. So why did the fragrant Commissar for Truth and Reconciliation do it? Whatever was in her tiny fluffy mind originally, I expect she is regretting she ever set foot in that place, let alone opened her mouth.

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