Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The real face of the EU?

The fragrant Margot's attempt at a charm offensive on her Blog has been a tad undermined by one of her minions working in the lower ranks of the commission.

Received on Monday by the Metric Martyrs as an unsolicited testimony from an EU commission translator by the name of John M. Jones was the following missive:

youre a bunch of fucking luddites. Metric has to win cos thats what welearnt at school. Long live England. long live metric, with 5 metric unitsnames after Uk scientists and 2 Uk directors of the metre bureau. Theimperialists are dead in the what in hell are you actually defending? look at great countries likeaustralia and new zealand if you cant stand europe. you luddites inengland make me sick.
Whatever it was that Mr Jones learnt at schools, it was neither English nor manners. More details on Neil Herron's Blog.

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