Friday, March 11, 2005


Illustrating just how pathetically emasculated our government has become is the response by Dawn Primarolo, the paymaster general, to the ruling by the ECJ yesterday on the UK tax rules on mileage

As recorded by The Daily Telegraph, Primarolo tells us she is "deeply disappointed" by the court's ruling. But does she contest it, or express outrage, or tell us to ignore it? No, all she does is "vow to work with business to minimise its damaging effects."

This person, holding one of the great ministries of state in the formerly independent United Kingdom, is reduced to bleating on the sidelines that:

The European Commission will never convince the peoples of Europe that they are genuinely committed to an agenda to promote competitiveness, deregulation, enterprise and economic growth if they continue to undermine the interests of business by seeking to enforce the EC-wide VAT rules in this inflexible and impractical way.
The EU has gutted our government and left us with a bunch of EUnuchs.

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