Wednesday, January 12, 2005

"We cannot have politics in the European parliament"

Protests galore against the EU constitution were afoot in the EU parliament at Strasbourg today, with demonstrators spoiling the photo opportunity for Corbett, Mendez de Vigo, Barroso, Duff, Borrell. and Kathy Sinnott MEP, having the temerity to wave "not in my name" banners behind the grinning group.

If we are to believe Daniel Hannan (and who could possibly disbelieve him?), the demo was led by one Daniel Hannan – now there’s a coincidence - with Daniel objecting to the parliament spending hundreds of thousands of euros to promote the constitution in advance of the national referendums.

As the result of the vote was announced, some sixty Euro-sceptic MEPs – led by Daniel - unfurled banners in the chamber proclaiming "Not in my name", a reference, Daniel tells us, to the fact that, while the constitution enjoys overwhelming support among Brussels elites, this does not reflect public opinion across Europe.

And just in case we were in any doubt, Daniel tells us that the protest was organised by the Referendum Group, an alliance of Euro-MPs opposed to the constitution, of which Daniel is chairman. The group, led by Daniel, also released balloons with "Vote No" in their respective languages, while their supporters hung banners from the windows with the same message.

Daniel also tells us that "two female assistants" were injured when security staff snatched their placards, but what Daniel doesn't tell us is that these were UKIP staff, Annabell Fuller and Nikki Sinclair. They were manhandled/kicked to the ground by parliament security officers for unfurling a "No" banner next to the "Yes" banners put up by the Euro-scum.

When one of the security officers was asked on what authority he took this somewhat violent action, he replied: "My Authority, I am head of security". When asked why he was doing it, he replied: "We cannot have politics in the European parliament".

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