Tuesday, January 18, 2005

She's dun a Blog…

The fragrant Margot Wallström, commissioner for truth and reconciliation, has done another Blog.

We really should not mock… but we’re going to anyway. Her contribution to the great debate so far has been to gush about how terrible was the Asian tsunami – as if we did not know already – and to tell us how all those lunches and dinners in the commission are causing her to put on weight.

Now we learn this incredible news:

A friend brought me a present from India. I admired very much the bag made out of recycled newspaper. With a simple folding technique this recycled newspaper pages had been turned into a practical bag! The handles were also from recycled material and I started to show this nice bag to people around in the office until my friend said: 'sorry, but it's what's inside the bag that is your present' - and I found a beautiful shawl!
Is this woman really that stupid? Do they really let people like this out on her own? Is there life on Mars?

Anyway, this little revelation becomes a homily for recycling, with the commissioner for truth telling us that she is convinced:

…that it is those people that know how to reuse and recycle for example old newspapers that will stand a chance in the kind of development that we see in the world today.
On, p-please. I can't take any more of this. Read it for yourself, if you dare. Better still, read North Sea Diaries. I wish I could write like that.

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