Thursday, December 09, 2004

Waiting for that question

Despite assurances given by the Financial Times yesterday, it would appear that the question for the referendum is still being decided. Or so the spokesman said for Prime Minister Blair, but what does he know.

Lucy Powell, Campaign Director of Britain in Europe has said scornfully that she believed that the question will be simple and not loaded. Of course not.
"Opponents try and claim the public will be duped or that lots of money will be spent on this by the government, which is a total falsehood," Powell told Reuters. "This shows the government, as we are, is confident in its arguments," she added.
The lady doth protest a little too much, but, in any case, how much money can be spent on the question itself. What those dastardly opponents say, Ms Powell, is that a large sum of money will be spent on propaganda, especially as the government will be allowed to use taxpayers’ money to go on publishing rather slanted and inadequate information throughout the campaigning period.

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