Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The things they say

Tomorrow, I will be debating with Herr Dr. Walter Schwimmer, secretary general of the Council of Europe, on the subject "The future of Europe". This event will be held in Room G73, Franklin Wilkins Building, King's College, Stamford Street, Waterloo, SE1, starting at 6.30 pm for one hour.

In preparation for the debate, I have been re-reading Schwimmer's latest book, "The European Dream" (foreword by Chris Patten) and happened on the following passage on the flying of the "European flag":

The importance of the role played by such symbols in forging consciousness cannot be over-estimated. Wherever it flies, the flag means we belong to Europe, we are Europe! If all European countries systematically flew it with their own, this would send a strong emotional message: we are all Europe - one Europe! Similarly, always playing the European and national anthems together, with people standing for both, would undoubtedly help create a European consciousness.
Not so much a dream as a nightmare: I think this should be an interesting debate.

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