Wednesday, August 11, 2004

A post-script on the Sudan story

In fact the story of Sudan, its government and the Janjaweed militias is likely to go on and on, together with accusations and counter-accusations as well as wildly varying numbers of victims being flung around. As we, on this blog, think our way round the EU’s pernicious policies towards the Third World, we shall return to it, as well.

For the time being, it has to be mentioned that news comes from Darfur of people being arrested and threatened with torture and murder for speaking to foreign visitors and fact-finding missions.

The government has explained that there had been arrests for security reasons that had nothing to do with speaking to or translating for Secretary of State Colin Powell, or UN General Secretary Kofi Annan. The security dragnet just happened to pull in those people.

One wonders whether the EU report that refused to use the “g” word, and is described as being hastily written by the rebel Justice and Equality Movement (not, to be fair, the most objective of commentators) had in any way been influenced by these developments.

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