Saturday, July 03, 2004

Prisoner JW7874

Regarding my earlier Blog about a possible interruption of service, I did indeed have the unpleasant experience of being sent down by Bradford Magistrates, for 14 days for the heinous crime of not paying the police for a service they do not deliver.

After nine hours in confinement, including a period in Armley Jail - where I have to say that the prison officers behaved impecably - I was "sprung" by a wellwisher.

However, in deference to my fierce but highly talented co-editor, who quite rightly maintains that I should not use this Blog for non EU issues, I have started a new Blog called Prisoner JW7874, this being the prisoner number I was allocated during my brief stay in prison.

It is dedicated to exposing the incompetence and inadequacy of the police, and the craven stupidity of the magistrates, extolling people to stop paying for a service that we are not getting. My "catch-phrase" is, "remember, there are more of us than there are of them".

Owing to extreme fatigue, this will not be up and running with the first post for a couple of days. Normal service on this Blog will be resumed today.

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