Sunday, August 07, 2011

This is not a riot

It is a celebration of cultural diversity. It is what our politicians and the multi-cult industry have been working for. And now they've got it. Puts the wuzzies in Bristol to shame though.

This is more entertaining than most, with slightly more collateral damage. Gone are the days when we would "tut-tut", though, and automatically side with the police. Decades of humourless, arrogant, strutting plods - and the band of "untouchables" as Raedwald so aptly puts it - have changed the relationship between us and the forces of "law and order". At best now, when it comes to episodes like this, it is virtually "a plague on both their houses".

On this, one cannot help but observe that, while no expense is spared on harassing tourists taking photographs of something already on Google Earth, it comes to a pretty pass when, in a main street in North London, the police cannot even perform their core duty - after protecting life - of protecting property.  Any which way you put it, in Tottenham last night, the plods lost control.

As we have come to observe over numerous brushes with the breed, they are very good at throwing their weight around when it comes to compliant, largely well-behaved whitey.  When it comes actually to doing their core jobs, they have vacated the field. They themselves are as much a cause of the problem as its solution.

And I think this sums it up perfectly. They will intervene to prevent tourists photographing busses but they do not seem to be able to stop the locals burning them. When these fine-suited gentlemen have finished looting the public purse and lining their own pockets, they might spare some time to think about the direction policing is going in this country – before nice compliant whitey finally gets the message and starts ripping them apart, limb by bleeding limb.