Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Great Dale returns

According to Iain Dale, in The Guardian, the independent political blogosphere has gone into terminal decline ever since Iain Dale stopped giving us his daily dose of wisdom. To "prove" the point, Dale lists some of the blogs that have recently gone into decline or disappeared.

Predictably, he doesn't mention EUReferendum, even though we are an independent political blog. Our sin must be that we're doing quite nicely, thank you very much. That doesn't fit his narrative. Dale wants "his" blogosphere to have come a cropper since he wafted out of our lives. His other problem, of course, is that we're not a member of his claque. He and the many like him, to say nothing of the MSM, can't deal with that. So they largely ignore us. When it comes to being "disappeared", Stalin can't hold a candle to this lot.

Nevertheless, with his own narrative established, the Great Dale tells us he is riding to the rescue. He is starting up a Group Blog, recruiting some of his little mates who couldn't make it on their own. Oddly, Raedwald - another unmentioned political blog that is doing quite well -  doesn't seem terribly enthused. "But the new site is more online magazine than blog", huffs Dale. "I have no ambition for it at all".

We can't wait.