Wednesday, January 06, 2010

What more can I say?

Joe Bastardi on global warming. And still, as The Daily Express notes, the stupid, malign fools still want to claim the planet is heating up.

We had another dump of global warming here this morning, at least two inches on top of the last lot. Only limited traffic is running on the main roads but most side street are impassable. Public services such as refuse collection have ceased to function and there is an eerie silence in the streets.

Apart from the immediate loss of productivity – not that we produce very much in this country any more – we are seeing a spike in fuel prices, with coal prices rising sharply by around $5.00 a ton for cargoes delivered into Europe "on strong buying after the New Year holidays."

South African FOB prices, they say, rose less steeply, by around $2.00 a ton, on renewed Indian buying interest but are expected to move rapidly higher during the next few weeks because demand exceeds available supply. Given our current reliance on imported coal – having wound down our own coal industry – this can only be bad news.

The warmists prattle on about the costs of global warming. Had they any brains at all, they would realise that the economic – and human – cost of the cold are far, far greater. But, such is their obsession (and their financial interest) that they are incapable of looking beyond their own noses.

These people are dangerous. We, the silent (and not so silent) majority need to show we are even more dangerous when roused.