Friday, September 05, 2008

This is serious journalism folks!

It is not repeated in the online edition (or perhaps has been subject to a quick stealth edit).

Nevertheless, The Daily Telegraph's transport correspondent, David Millward, writes in the print edition (front page), à propos the Boeing 777 crash at Heathrow:

The AAB said it believed the plane lost power after the flow of fuel dropped shortly before it was due to land. This was thought to be because the supply was impeded by the ice, preventing the reverse thrust needed to slow the plane for a normal landing.
Not only does it not say this in the report, anyone who thinks that reverse thrust is used in flight to slow an aircraft for landing is displaying technical illiteracy of an extraordinary high level. The man is not safe to be let out alone, much less employed as the transport correspondent for a major national newspaper.

Think about it … if that is the calibre of "journalist" the paper employs, can you trust anything it publishes?