Sunday, August 05, 2007

The story so far…

Master tailor Christopher Booker has stitched together some of the key components of the EU's "reform" treaty, to make a coherent story, and identify the dangers of this attempted coup d'etat.

With or without the "red lines" Brown inherited from Blair, and whether or not the new treaty contains 90, 94 or 96 percent of the original EU constitution, what is on the table is extremely dangerous and represents a real threat to the sovereignty and independence of this country.

This is what Booker shows, displaying a depth of analysis that comes from the extensive study of the European Union that gave us The Great Deception, a perspective which leaves many of the amateur analysts floundering.

With that, it is now time to move on from bleating about "red lines", the sterile, "yes it is – no it isn't" comparisons with previous draft treaties and the "veto counts". We need to deal with what the EU – with the willing assistance of Gordon Brown – is actually trying to foist upon us, under cover of what is rapidly degenerating into a rather tired little parlour game.

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