Thursday, June 09, 2011


I suppose this is what happens when you elect greens onto your council. All the freezing grannies will be delighted.

If you don't fancy Brighton, you would always become a "one planet manager" – although they don’t say which planet.

As long as you are a self-starter who is practical, experienced in sustainability, and can hit the ground running, then you could be the right person to drive forward a flagship programmes, balancing lots of different initiatives, generating exciting new ideas, supporting partners at the council and in the community, engaging stakeholders, and fundraising. For that, you get a six percent "ethical pension" as well.

If you prefer Hammersmith, you can be an Environmental Officer for £40k, as long as you have passion for leading, promoting and driving a sustainability agenda. Then, for forty grand, quite a lot of people could drum up a bit of passion, so there could be quite a bit of competition.

If you are tired of living, though, you can go and work in Manchester for £32 grand, sustaining a leading housing association and engaging with residents, partners, stakeholders and community representatives, secure funding grants for energy retrofit technologies and, amongst other things, providing energy advice and helping to reduce fuel poverty.

Of course, you could just not apply for the job, and ask for the £32k to be donated to freezing grannies ... but that would never do.